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What We Do: 2021 Update

As Texas Legislature is in session, THGA stays on top of proposed bills that will affect Texas hemp. Like every state, Texas is subject to our Federal regulations, so our lawmakers' hands are tied on many issues. THGA was in Austin in March to meet members of the House and Senate Ag Committees, report on the 2020 harvest, and assist with legislation that will protect Texas farmers.

2020 was a year for learning and listening. We spent hours researching and listening to the experienced farmers we could find. The Education Page of our website is the result of those conversations. There are years of research and learning ahead, but we pass along all the knowledge we acquire to Texas farmers. Find education on agronomics: https://txhempgrowersassociation.com/education/

Since 2019 THGA has been researching the hemp industry and passing that information along to Texas farmers. Our work has saved farmers thousands of dollars and hours of wasted energy on poor genetics and fraudulent offers. We believe Texas farmers deserve full disclosure on the risk associated with the developing hemp industry. 

THGA and its members coordinated with Delta Ag Processors to plant, harvest, process, and sell 800 acres of hemp on the High Plains. Delta Ag's processor in Slaton, Tx, created 16 new jobs and put 8 million dollars into the local economy. The variety grown, The Joker,  produced CBD, grain, and fiber.  We think that is a great success for a first attempt at farming a new crop.
THGA is continually speaking to manufacturers that want hemp. Finding partners that are willing to "scale up" and prioritize the needs of farmers and our communities is our goal for developing infrastructure. 

As expected, the CBD market has taken a dive - what goes up must come down. Farmers vertically integrated or who farmed with traditional large-scale equipment and techniques were successful. By applying ag economics, farmers were able to reduce growing costs significantly. These farmers made money and will be contracting acres again in 2021.
Interest in hemp fiber and hurd remains high. Delta Ag will be processing the fiber from the High Plains acres beginning in May. Prices and standards remain in question until processors and genetics have been tested. 
The "lowest hanging fruit" is hemp gain, used for food and pressed for oil; prices are .50-.55 for conventional and 1.25 - 1.50 for organic. 

Seed Trials 

Ongoing efforts to find genetics are a top priority for THGA. Environmental Living Industries and Bryan Wilson sponsored the 2021 seed trials at TTU and on THGA member fields. Bryan's interest in hemp began out of necessity. The unhealthy living condition created by mold in their home led to his wife's declining health and the loss of their unborn child. Bryan's passion for bringing healthy construction materials to market is contagious. Bryan will be around this summer to meet farmers at our 2021 Field Day event. 

Hemp Feed Coalition and THGA

THGA has served as Steering Committee and Policy Committee members since early 2020. We are excited to be a part of the nationwide effort for FDA-CVM approval of hemp for animal feed. 

Grant Collaboration 

Recently hemp has become eligible to apply for several USDA grants. THGA has been privileged to participate in several applications with universities including Oregon State, University of Nevada, North Carolina State, Colorado State, and of course our own Texas Tech University and Texas A&M. 
Current THGA Board Members 



Kyle Bingham of Bingham Organic Farms, President 

The Bingham family were some of the first organic cotton growers in Texas. They helped establish the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Co-op. Among the first grape growers on the High Plains, Bingham Vineyards was instrumental in developing another thriving industry. Kyle brings that experience and network to Texas hemp and is a gifted leader. Kyle oversees the Seed Trials Committee and hosts those trials on his land. 

Russell Williams, Vice President 

Russell serves as a Board member for THGA and leads lobbying and legislative efforts. Russell's experience includes working in Washington D.C. for Senator Pete Domenici and as Director of Regulatory Affairs for the American Farm Bureau Foundation. A fourth-generation farmer, Russell currently farms in Dalhart, Texas. 

John Mark Addison, Terry County fourth-generation farmer and member of the PYCO (Cotton Seed Mill Co-op) Board of Directors, winner of the 2016 Terry County Outstanding Farmer Award 

Mason Becker, Terry County third-generation farmer, 2018 Farm Press Peanut Efficiency Award Winner, Western Peanut Growers Association and Terry County Co-op Gin 

Brent Coker, Lamb County fourth Generation Farmer, Board Member, GSC, Plains Cotton Growers Executive Committee 

Mandie Smith, Howard County fifth-generation family farmer and one of the first growers in the Wrangler Science and Conservation program, which advocates for land stewardship and soil health best practices 

Dylann Hogg, Dawson County fourth-generation Texas farmer, pilot 

Adrian Garcia, Howard County, owner and operator of Adrian Garcia Farms, organic cotton farmer, one of the first certified organic hemp growers in Texas. Adrian oversees the Boutique Grower Committee helping small horticultural growers be successful.