The Texas Hemp Growers Association, (THGA) a 501c6 not for profit association that was created to leverage farmer influence on the emerging industrial hemp industry.  

We provide farmers with the resources they need to make decisions regarding the cultivation and marketing of hemp and hemp-derived products. THGA provides the resources, education and practical expertise for anyone wanting to grow industrial hemp.  

THGA is working diligently to ensure that the livelihood of farmers is at the forefront of all discussions regarding hemp in Texas.

Helping Texas Farmers Diversify With Hemp


Hemp food, feed, and fiber markets are set to expand rapidly. As multiple processors eye locations across Texas, the time is now for farmers to become active participants in the development of the industry. 

Please save the date for the Texas Hemp Food, Feed, and Fiber Field Day, Thursday, August 26th. This year's event will be open to farmers and agribusinesses. We are planning an informational and fun event that includes: 

Speakers from across the state and the US
Education on animal feed and policy
Hemp row crop field tour
Extraction processing 
Food trucks
Ag vendor booths
Plenty of shade! 
Wine tasting 
Live music 
and more

Register early to get a free event t-shirt!  *Technology Tip: Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code below. You will receive a phone notification to register for the event.*

Sponsorship package available 


2021 Seed Trials

Seed trials in 2020 received less than 1 inch of rain. This year they have been washed out by rain. We have lost the Terry County trials however, Bailey County and the Texas Tech trials are still up and growing. 
A huge shout out to Environmental Living Industries (ELI) for making the 2021 seed trials possible. Thank you. 

The Path to Hemp Animal Feed

The state of Montana has approved the use of hemp in commercial
 animal feed. Substances derived from hemp and
 hemp itself are now allowed to be used in commercial
 feed for specialty pets, pets, and horses as well in the state of Montana. 
Our Texas "hemp clean up" bill would have created a very similar pathway for Texas. Unfortunately, we will wait until the next session to see things move in the right direction for Texas. 
In the meantime, multiple states are preparing language for legislation with the help of the Hemp Feed Coalition. The move towards states providing consumer protection will continue as we await action from FDA. 

Legal Caution on Delta 8

In late April, Hemp Grower reported that 12 states had already banned delta-8: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. At that time, legislative bans were also being pursued in North Dakota, Alabama, and Oregon.

Since then, three more states have successfully banned the cannabinoid: New York, North Dakota, and Vermont. (Officials in Washington have also interpreted the law to say delta-8 is illegal, though that ban is not enforced—more on that in the link below.) That brings the number of states with delta-8 legislation up to 15.

Hemp Around the US

In 2019 farmers from Texas walked through the hemp fields of Wright-Oakes Farms. That tour laid the groundwork for what would become the Texas Hemp Growers Association. Shannon Wright and Dion Oakes continue to lead the way in developing markets and improving agronomics for the US farmer. 

Their partnership with Patagonia and the State of Colorado is setting an example for states across the US.